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Loughborough School of Motorcycling`s Price List for Compulsory Basic Training (C.B.T.)

Compulsory Basic Training (C.B.T.) was introduced back in 1990 to try and reduce the very high accident rate among new (And born again, for that matter) bikers. C.B.T. must be completed before a rider is allowed to ride on the road with L-plates and on a machine of no more than 125cc with or without gears.The DL196 Certificate that is issued on the day if successful, is valid for a period of 2 years.

Please read the following carefully

Please make sure you bring with you, your Photo Card Driving Licence, without it, you will not be able to take the training course. 

You should also bring sensible clothing I.E. Jacket Jeans Gloves and footwear, (NO SHORTS AND FLIP FLOPS) you have been warned Not only will we not permit you to ride in such attire. We will also laugh at you. “Honest”  

Cancellation Policy: LSM require 48hours notice to cancel or move a lesson. This must be done by speaking directly to one of the team by telephoning 07948831013. Failure to inform the team using the correct method and within the required time will result in loss of deposit

We supply gloves, jackets, helmets and waterproofs if required so don’t worry if you haven’t taken the plunge yet! CBT’s are about getting to grips with a  motorbike, so we don’t expect you to have everything imaginable.

It is now a requirement that all students have some basic understanding of the Highway Code prior to booking a CBT, this will ensure you are familiar with basic road signage making the road portion of the CBT a little less daunting for you.

If you want to see how much you know, you can find a short quiz below. You should be looking to get 100% on this quiz, so please take the time to research some of the answers if needed.

CBT Pricing

We understand that you might be wanting to test the waters, or two wheels so to speak so we do offer a taster lesson and we do cater to those with their own bikes. Please ensure that if you are using your own bike it is insured, taxed, and displaying the relevant and road legal ‘L’ plates.

1HR Taster Lesson

Basic one hour lesson. This is a one on one lesson with the instructor, to help you use the clutch, gears and brakes correctly.
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Compulsory Basic Training (Your Bike)

CBT - Compulsory Basic Training on your bike
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Compulsory Basic Training (Our Bike)

CBT - Compulsory Basic Training on our hire bike
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What happens on the day of your CBT?

There are five modules that are conducted on your day of training. We recommend arriving with some snacks ready for a day of fun! Once you complete everything, we’ll issue you with a certificate.

The only thing we ask is that you take on board the information that we provide you and listen to what the instructors tell you during your training.

Element A- On arrival, we’ll get out the tea and biscuits ready to learn about motorbikes from a theory point of view. This ranges from clothing to general information on riding a motorbike.

Element B- Next up, getting your head around the motorcycle. You’ll learn the controls and get to grips with looking after your motorbike.  

Element C– Ready to get on the bike? Now you’ll be able to get some practice  on our dedicated off road training area. There are a variety of exercises that are undertaken to ensure you have control over the bike.

Element D– They’ll be a short break in which we’ll discuss what it’ll be like on the open road and the things to watch out for.

Element E– The open road awaits! Next, we’ll get you setup on the radios and take you out on the road.