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Theory Test

Loughborough School of Motorcycling's Link for the Motorcycling Theory Test

Please read the following carefully

Please make sure you bring with your photo card driving license if this is your first time with us, you will not be able to have lessons without it. 

We supply gloves, helmet, and waterproofs if required so don’t worry if you haven’t taken the plunge yet! DAS is the next stage in the adventure of getting your full license. You must have already taken your CBT and it is advised that you get your theory test booked whilst training for MOD 1 & MOD2.

Why choose the Loughborough Shool of Motorcycling?

With decades of instructor experience, we also provide the latest technology to ensure you get a pass first time. Our motorcycles are brand new Yamaha MT07’s which ensure you can really get a feel for riding a more powerful bike. Little things like speed guns just to make sure you get up to the right speed

We also ensure that little things like speed guns are used during your training to make sure you get up to the right speed that’s required to pass the Module ONE test. We even have a camera mounted on the

We even have a camera mounted on the instructor’s bike to show you where you are going wrong, so you can see it first hand. We pride ourselves on giving you the best chance of achieving your dream and hitting the open road with a full, unrestricted license, the first time.

1HR Lesson

A one hour lesson with an instructor conducted on top of the line Yamaha MT07's.
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